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Web Design

Responsive web design is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices.

Web Design

Responsive Web Design refers to the practice of creating sites to provide an optimal viewing and navigation experience, or in simpler terms, one that responds to its surroundings. A responsive site should require minimal scrolling, resizing and most importantly work across a range of platforms and devices.

It once again comes down to the modern technology and availability of our online access. With the number of online enable devices growing every day, it should be obvious that for your brand to reach its maximum audience, it needs to work flawlessly across most, if not all of them.

As of April 21st Google will be increasing the extent to which it incorporates mobile-friendliness when determining rankings. Understandable considering the vast numbers of web-ready devices. Their argument is that all web users should be able to see relevant search results in an optimal format.

The best approach to updates like this is to anticipate similar user trends and build your site to meet these expectations beforehand, rather than have to play the catch-up game when similar updates roll out. There are nearly 2 billion web-enabled mobile devices around the world, and as time goes on these mobile devices are only going to become more common and more powerful.

It’s important to be able to make use of such an influential medium. It’s all very well having excellent content, but if it takes too long for the user to navigate your site and to find the specific information, they’re more inclined to look somewhere else. Before the customer has even started reading your site copy, their first impression has already been made by how your site looks.

Our experienced designers work closely with all of our clients to get them the website their business needs.
Our developers will bring your website to life. All websites are fully responsive, mobile friendly and bespokely built.
Once your website is finished it will need somewhere to live! We host all of our websites in our datacentre in Reading.
Digital Marketing
Now your site is up and running we can help you get the most out of it. From SEO and Google Ads, to competitor analysis and content marketing.

What We Do

  • We design and build great websites to market our clients, they are all built with users in mind from simple one-page flyer sites, to content managed WordPress builds and eCommerce juggernauts.

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  • Digital Marketing is all about getting the most from your website online from Google and search results, to Google Ads and pay per click advertising, creating content and making it easy for your website to convert enquiries and generate sales.

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  • For many businesses, Social Media can be the start of a conversation with a potential new client or an ongoing communication between existing clients, customer services and reviews. Powerful for B2C and can also be an important branding exercise for B2B.

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  • In modern-day marketing, the term branding means a lot more than a logo and name. Things like brand integrity and continuity are essential to building a powerful and trustworthy brand that carries gravitas on a local, national or worldwide playing field. We can support your business with all aspects of branding and design.

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