Webflow introduces new feature to supercharge content editing and collaboration

September 18, 2023

Webflow seems to be on a roll with new features and integrations recently, meaning we can work even more efficiently with clients on projects. They've just announced an exciting new upgrade designed specifically to power up content editing and collaboration - giving everyone on your team the chance to contribute in new and meaningful ways. With these new roles now available, teams can streamline gathering insights from decision makers before publishing changes or ensuring consistent branding throughout every phase of their workflow. 

Introducing Team Roles in Webflow - What They Mean and How it Benefits Users

For those using Webflow, workspaces are common knowledge. But have you heard of team roles? These roles allow for a better way for us to work together on projects with our clients within the same workspace. 

The new commenter role in Webflow is set to enhance how we collaborate with you on your website project. This feature allows us to gather feedback directly from anyone involved in the process, in a comment-only format. With this upgrade, we can streamline our communication and ensure everyone is on the same page, making the design process more efficient and effective for us all. 

How the New Roles Help Streamline Content Editing and Collaboration

Webflow has made it even easier for anyone to leave feedback directly in the Designer. This role allows Workspace members to invite anyone into Webflow to leave comments, enhancing collaboration and expediting the design process. The commenter role is free and available on all Workspace plans. It allows users to comment directly on elements at the breakpoint level, making it easier to collect and act on feedback. This eliminates the need for screenshotting and sharing designs outside of Webflow or using third-party tools. We are super excited to implement this one when working with clients!

Content editing and collaborating within a team can be a barrier at times, especially if everyone has different ideas and priorities. But with new roles like the "edit" role in the Designer, content editors are becoming much more empowered to streamline the process. Content is an integral part of any website. It not only communicates your brand message but also plays a significant role in SEO and user engagement. Webflow understands this and has enhanced its content editing capabilities by enhancing the role specifically for content editors. This means they can edit static and dynamic content, publish blog content, comment on pages, and edit content on branched pages without the risk of inadvertently altering the site design.

These updates reflect Webflow's commitment to improving user experience and adapting to the needs of digital workspace dynamics which proves extremely beneficial for agencies like ourselves when working with our clients. As always, if you would like any additional information or support get in touch with our Webflow experts.

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