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Upwards of 3 billion people globally actively use social media platforms on a daily basis.

Social media is now so well established that it dominates modern society in a way that was unimaginable less than twenty years ago. Upwards of 3 billion people globally actively use social media platforms on a daily basis. It is so important in so many people’s lives that they use it not just to connect with friends and document their lives but also to connect with the brands they love.

Why does social media marketing matter?

Social media has redefined the connections between business and customer. It provides businesses with a cost-effective ability to instantly reach hundreds or thousands of people with single posts or adverts. The power to reach so many, so easily, makes marketing through social media not just beneficial but almost essential.

However, social media consumers expect more from businesses. They want to be interested, involved and informed on a regular basis to be persuaded to buy. In a crowded marketplace, simply maintaining a presence is not enough. Companies need a clear, ongoing social media strategy to stand out and give their customers exactly what they want.

Platform specific strategies

Social media platforms are not all the same. They vary in their formats and the demographics they appeal to. Knowing which ones are the most relevant for your target customers, choosing the most effective method of promotion and having the right content is key to building brand awareness, maintaining a consistent brand image and gaining the best ROI.

At Influx Digital, we are experts in social media marketing and can help with any aspect of social media account management or social media advertising, whether you need us to handle all of your social media accounts or just provide guidance to your in-house marketers. We will work closely with you to understand your particular business and core objectives to help:

  • Develop social media marketing strategies tailored to your business
  • Define appropriate marketing channels and methods
  • Research and check competitor activities
  • Identify opportunities
  • Craft a considered brand image
  • Create effective and engaging content
  • Outline an execution plan for maximum reach
  • Monitor and analyse results for effectiveness
  • Provide regular feedback
  • Assist your internal staff


What We Do

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  • Digital Marketing is all about getting the most from your website online from Google and search results, to Google Ads and pay per click advertising, creating content and making it easy for your website to convert enquiries and generate sales.

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  • For many businesses, Social Media can be the start of a conversation with a potential new client or an ongoing communication between existing clients, customer services and reviews. Powerful for B2C and can also be an important branding exercise for B2B.

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