7 great examples of typography in web design - our feature in Webflow's blog

December 7, 2023

7 great examples of typography in web design

We are delighted to announce we have been mentioned in Webflow's blog regarding the best typography trends in web design. It's great to see our work with our design partner Zing for bringing Vantage Spaces alive is being recognised.

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Here’s our take on Webflow’s 7 examples of great typography blog 

Typography in web design is essential for brand presentation and message delivery. Different typefaces can influence emotions, learning, memory, and even perceptions of taste. Web designers need to balance unique design with readability, ensuring the font communicates a brand's personality and is legible. The font choice should align with the site's message for effective branding. However, readability takes precedence over branding as it impacts user understanding and business connection.

Improving the readability of digital text involves:

Choosing a legible font and optimising it for readability - Legibility refers to the ease of distinguishing characters. To enhance legibility, use a font with wide letter spacing and avoid light font weights in body text. Sans serif fonts like Verdana and Helvetica may be more legible on screens. Readability, which is influenced by font size, line length, colour contrast, and case, can be maximised by using a moderate font size, high colour contrast, setting line length to 50-75 characters, and avoiding all caps.

Optimising for each platform - Desktops suit larger fonts than mobile devices due to the screen size and reading distance. Use responsive design to ensure text readability across all devices.

Designing for accessibility - Make the site accessible for people with access needs, such as those with vision disabilities or neurodivergence. Avoid using colour combinations that are hard to distinguish and limit the use of multiple fonts to prevent disorientation and reduce responsiveness issues.

To start with typography in web design, Webflow provided these 7 great examples, including our work with Zing on Vantage Spaces

Bold hero text

Text-only hero sections on websites are gaining popularity. In the Hero section you should address your audience directly and explain what your product or service is in a concise way. You should include a headline that is clear, relevant, and relatable. It's not necessary for headlines to be witty to be compelling depending on your industry and product/service, what's more essential is prioritising clear and direct communication to prevent landing page visitors from leaving the page.

Designers often use bold, condensed fonts in high-contrast colours to make the message stand out. Using all-caps text is common but can affect readability. The landing page of design and animation firm Ordinary Folk is representative of this trend. It features black text on an off-white background with a simple greeting and a 'play' button for a video. The site uses one sans-serif regular font and a minimalistic black and off-white colour palette. This simplicity makes the colourful images in the "featured projects" section stand out more when visitors scroll down.

Text fills 

Text fills, which place text over a gradient or image, can significantly enhance web design by drawing attention to key elements. Text fills can be used to add more character to simple designs without the use of images or lottie animations, which may not always be appropriate for certain web pages. The SuperFlow landing page uses a colour gradient text fill on the word "iterate," emphasising their value proposition of faster design iteration. 

Font combinations

The key to achieving visually stunning designs lies in incorporating bold and distinctive typography. Serifs and display fonts take centre stage, and mixing typefaces becomes a fundamental practice for creating captivating designs. By combining typefaces with different qualities, weights, and styles, we can achieve powerful visual designs.

The first step is selecting the perfect font that best represents your message. To make your content stand out, we have put together a collection of the best free fonts available for download in our 24 best free fonts for 2024 blog. This list includes high-quality serif, sans serif, display, and web-safe fonts, catering to all your design needs.

Noow Design's website expertly utilises two distinct web fonts - the legible sans serif Mabry and the elegant serif Ivy Presto Display. This mix ensures easy readability while highlighting key terms. The site strikes a perfect balance between clarity and uniqueness, effectively communicating the brand's story through a compelling image and headline, while maintaining a noticeable and readable menu in white against a black backdrop. This strategic design showcases their professional expertise and unique offerings, fostering trust with potential clients.

Monospaced font

Monospaced fonts like Courier and Lucida Console, where all letters share the same width, offer a unique advantage in terms of readability and aesthetics. They're often favoured by programmers due to their precision; a single misplaced or illegible character in code can disrupt functionality. Moreover, these fonts enhance legibility, making them suitable for those with dyslexia. 

An excellent example of this is seen in the website of interior architecture firm Contekst. They employ GT America Mono, a monospaced font, alongside whitespace to create a brutalist feel, mirroring their profession. The site designer, Phil Bastiaans, ensured readability by combining all-caps text with the monospaced font, demonstrating a professional understanding of design principles and accessibility.

Use highlights and underlines

Vantage Spaces were going through a rebrand and evolution of their offering and vision for the company. Everything was getting an upgrade, including their website. The brief was striking the balance of style and substance with creating a beautiful website that still performs from a lead generation and SEO perspective.

What we developed for Vantage Spaces along with their branding specialists was a streamlined product offering and user journey, coupled with beautiful UI/UX and interactions throughout the website to bring it life, just like their plants do for offices up and down the country.

We received an honourable mention from Awwwards for this project, which perfectly balanced style and substance, while prioritising lead generation and SEO. Collaborating closely with Vantage Spaces' branding specialists, we developed a streamlined product offering and user journey, complete with beautiful UI/UX and interactions that bring the site to life. 

What they had to say

"It’s been a pleasure working with Influx on our new website for our business, Vantage Spaces. From start to finish, they worked hard to match our original brief, and were incredibly responsive, proactive, and professional throughout the project. We could not have asked for a better team to build our website and the final result is awesome, despite the tight timescales! We won’t hesitate to recommend. Thank you Influx!"- Russell Edwards, Director

Dare to be different 

Web designers typically steer clear of unconventional fonts such as graffiti, bubble, and script due to potential accessibility issues and the risk of appearing unprofessional. However, when used correctly, these fonts can be an excellent tool for showcasing a brand's vibrant personality.

An excellent illustration of this is seen on the website of the podcast 'Call on Courage'. The site uses a split-screen background featuring two women seemingly engaged in a video chat, overlaid with white bubble font text. This design choice, combined with the use of the playful Ziclets bubble font, creates an inviting atmosphere that reflects the podcast's theme of overcoming adversity and starting anew.

The designer, Rachael, further enhances the site's friendly and engaging vibe through the use of fun emojis for site navigation. This thoughtful design approach effectively captures the essence of the brand, promoting an approachable and enjoyable user experience.

In our blog 24 best free fonts for 2024 we acknowledge Beat Word, a distinctive display font from a unique font family that is specifically engineered for headlines, titles, and subtitles. A playful and engaging font like this, when used for the appropriate intended audience can add character and communicate a playful tone. 

Text animations 

Text animations can infuse a playful element into a website, with options ranging from text reveals and interactive animations to colour-changing animated gradient text.

Take the design of Clagru Piano Service's website by Roland Aichhorn as an example. The site features two engaging text animations on the homepage. The words "piano service" in the centre of the screen disperse and regroup, while the same phrase in the top right corner animates each letter moving up and down, reminiscent of pressing piano keys. Coupled with a piano-themed hamburger menu, these animations create an immersive user experience and reinforce the brand identity without adding unnecessary clutter.

However, excessive animations can be distracting. It's advisable to limit them to 2-3 loops or provide an option for those who prefer to disable animations in their web browsers. This approach ensures a balance between an engaging design and user-friendly navigation, thereby enhancing the visitor's overall experience on the site.


To conclude, typography can be used to amplify your message and create visually compelling designs. The current trends lean towards bold, distinctive typography and the clever use of font combinations to establish visual hierarchy and enhance readability.

By understanding these principles and choosing the right typefaces - whether serif, sans serif, display, or web-safe - you can create captivating designs that truly resonate with your audience. For more information on choosing the right font for your designs, check out our blog The 24 best free fonts for 2024. 

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