24 of the best free fonts for 2024

November 20, 2023

The right choice of typography can be used to significantly enhance your designs, with advancements like Variable Fonts, CSS Shapes, FlexBox, CSS Grids, and Subgrid reshaping how we work with typography. Combinations of suitable fonts can take your message to new heights and create visually stunning designs. 

The latest web design trends embrace editorial-style typography, influence from graphic design, and layouts inspired by posters (See our site for The Place Bureau here).

To make our designs stand out and capture attention, we can use carefully chosen combinations of fonts. By understanding contrast in typography, such as through colour, size, or shape, we can establish visual hierarchy and improve readability.

The key to achieving visually stunning designs lies in incorporating bold and distinctive typography. Serifs and display fonts take centre stage, and mixing typefaces becomes a fundamental practice for creating captivating designs. By combining typefaces that compliment each other with different qualities, weights, and styles, we can achieve powerful visual designs. 

The first step is selecting the perfect font that best represents your message. To make your content stand out, we have put together a collection of the best free fonts available for download. This list includes high-quality serif, sans serif, display, and web-safe fonts, catering to all your design needs.

1. Beanco Script Font

Beanco is a script font made for use in packaging, logos, branding, and other advertising purposes. This typeface from Digitype Studio has beautiful unique curves and the potential to elevate design projects in terms of elegance and professionalism.

2. Classy Vogue Serif Font

Classy Vogue Serif font is designed by Variatype and is a subtle creation that blends traditional influences into a contemporary aesthetic.

3. Sugar Magic

Designed by Zeenesia, Sugar Magic is suitable for branding, advertising, packaging, magazine covers, and other editorial designs.

4. Neue Machina Font

The main visual characteristics of Neue Machina are round corners, extended terminals, and ink traps that appear more predominantly in heavier weights. Use it in motion design projects, advertising, packaging, and even websites and mobile apps.

5. Eirene Sans Font Family

Eirene Sans has grotesque characteristics, which makes it stand out as part of the sans serif type family. It can be described as simple, modern and functional. The font family is presented in five unique weights, also offering corresponding italics. It is particularly characterised by it’s narrower than usual width and the prominent contrast between thin and thick stems. The family's distinct identity is further enhanced by its one-of-a-kind terminals, bestowing a distinct humanistic character on the entire set.

6. Bright Melody Display Typeface

Serif fonts, which are typically found in traditional mediums such as books, newspapers, and magazines, are noted for their readability. Bright Melody, a sophisticated display serif font designed by Zeenesia, blends both modern and classic styles to deliver a clear and bold aesthetic. This font is provided in OTF (open type font) format, enabling advanced typesetting capabilities like stylistic alternates and ligatures, ensuring the font's quality remains intact when resized. The demo version is free for personal use, while the premium file is available for commercial purposes.

7. Mauline Display Serif Font

Mauline, a display serif font by Yukita Creative, features elegantly designed letters, making it perfect for creating eye-catching design projects. It's ideal for several platforms including websites, apps, social media, as well as print materials like magazines and flyers. If you're in the process of brand development or logo design, Mauline serves as an excellent foundation or spark of inspiration.

8. Chromate Serif Typeface

The latest member of the Unblast font collection is Chromate, a contemporary serif typeface offered free of charge for both personal and commercial purposes. Its character set features geometric forms and robust serifs that meld seamlessly to produce a modern display. The term 'timeless' is not used lightly, but it impeccably describes the designs crafted with Chromate.

9. Starife Display Font

Starife is a display font designed to grab attention with its distinctive curved letters, uncommon dots, and seamless flow. While fonts are typically restricted due to their specific letter designs and thematic focus, Starife breaks the mould with its unique appearance. It's ideal for industries like fashion or cosmetics, serving manufacturers, magazines, and more. Its distinct style lends itself well to professional branding, logotypes, advertisements, and business cards. Moreover, its versatility extends to artistic applications such as cartoons, comic books, TV show logos, holiday greeting cards, among others.

10. Larken serif font

This font is the creation of Ellen Luff, a type designer whose remarkable and inspiring portfolio is certainly worth exploring for creative inspiration.

11. Integral CF Font Family

Integral is an uppercase font that comes in six weights and supports Latin, all aimed at delivering maximum impact. This unique typeface is ideal for headlines and titles, whether in print or digital format. It boasts OpenType features, added attributes, and free updates. The font offers a free version for personal use, while the full version can be purchased for commercial applications.

12. Margaret Free Serif Font

While primarily designed as a display font, Margaret can also be effectively used for brief body texts. Further enhancing its versatility, this font offers a broad array of multilingual characters, ligatures, and even mathematical symbols!

13. Labor Union Serif Font

Labor Union, an antique serif typeface, was created by McLetters for the student-led group, Students for Labor Action at Ithaca College. It is a robust font, ideally suited for content that demands visibility, engagement, and the opportunity to make a significant impact.

14. Rahovets Retro Display Font

Introducing Rahovets, a retro display font brought to you by the esteemed Fontease Type Foundry. This font is available at no cost for both personal and commercial applications. Despite its vintage aesthetics, Rahovets can bring a unique edge to contemporary projects with its bold strokes and compact apertures making a striking impression in digital and print formats alike.

15. Beat Word Comic Font

A playful and engaging font can significantly enhance the appeal of a t-shirt design or the introduction of a lively fast-food restaurant, resonating with their intended audience. Beat Word is a distinctive display font from a unique font family that is specifically engineered for headlines, titles, and subtitles, promising to elevate your content's impact.

16. Crossfit Font Family

CrossFit is a dynamic fitness regimen that incorporates exercises from various sports, making it perfect for those seeking comprehensive body workouts. Mirroring the versatility of CrossFit, this innovative font family, created by Anita Jurgeleit, offers diverse styles and weights. It's optimal for use in various projects such as advertisements, posters, flyers, digital posts, banners, t-shirts, and logos. It can cater to a broad spectrum of brands including fitness equipment manufacturers and gyms.

17. Nikea Sans Font

Nikea, a sans-serif condensed typeface available at no cost, is ideally suited for branding designs, titles, headings, and packaging applications. Its well-balanced aesthetic is largely due to the consistent thickness seen in most of its letters. This typeface, courtesy of Limitype, is completely free for download and can be employed in both personal and commercial projects accessible via the author's website. The package encompasses uppercase letters, special characters, and numerical figures.

18. Made Infinity Font

Made Infinity, a sans-serif font family, encompasses five distinct weights; thin, light, regular, and black. This typeface boasts an exquisite appeal, particularly in informal projects necessitating a blend of friendliness and versatility. Consider using this font in various applications such as poster designs, cover designs for magazines and books, social media posts, website layouts, mobile app interfaces, and banner creations. Made Infinity is multilingual-friendly and comprises uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and punctuation, enhancing its usability.

19. Viola Sans Serif Typeface

Viola, a classic font, adds to your projects with an essence of minimalism. The font set, complete with uppercase characters, presents unique contrasting strokes within each letter, such as the distinctive bar-less 'A'. These can be employed in personal projects, with commercial licensing options available. Given Viola's captivating style, it stands as an excellent choice for high-profile applications such as fashion advertisements, cosmetics packaging, and restaurant brand design.

20. Blogh Display Font

Crafted by the skilled Eko Bimantara, this robust and visually striking typeface exhibits a harmonious blend of curves and straight lines. It has a unique aesthetic that mirrors classic graffiti with a touch of cartoon-like charm. Blogh serves as an ideal choice for various applications, whether it's to accentuate headlines with impact or to infuse a logotype with character. While this font can be freely used for personal projects, a licence is mandatory for commercial use.

21. Tapioca Display Typeface

Tapioca is an accessible typeface featuring both alphabetic and numeric characters. In the spirit of inclusivity, Tapioca excludes capital letters, ensuring your designs maintain a harmonious aesthetic that draws focus to your content. Whether it's advertisements for bubble tea or signage for coffee shops, Tapioca delivers a genuine appeal that resonates with audiences. 

22. Kabond Display Font

Using incredibly slender lines and broad strokes that form unique geometric patterns, Kabond can infuse your project with a contemporary aesthetic. Employing a contrast of light text on dark backgrounds, or the reverse, accentuates the distinctive width variations. This is particularly notable in the thin characters, enabling users to create enchanting designs for packaging – be it for jewellery, magazine covers, or limited edition planners. 

23. Quiny Serif Typeface

Featuring robust and sweeping characters, the Quincy serif typeface from Nestype is an outstanding choice for your posters and headlines. If your project calls for a forward-looking, curvaceous aesthetic, this font could be the ideal selection. It's versatile enough to add a playful touch to magazine titles or inject vitality into your logos.

24. Hundrea Script Font

Hundrea, a versatile typeface, is ideal for a broad spectrum of projects, not limited to logo creation, poster series, clothing design, branding, and website titles. Equipped with uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and alternative characters, Hundrea has the power to accentuate your text, making it truly conspicuous.

Typography can be used to amplify your message and create visually compelling designs. The current trends lean towards bold, distinctive typography and the clever use of font combinations to establish visual hierarchy and enhance readability.

By understanding these principles and choosing the right typefaces - whether serif, sans serif, display, or web-safe - you can create captivating designs that truly resonate with your audience.

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