Introducing our Client Services Lead

October 5, 2023


I’m Amelia, Client services lead at Influx.

I joined Influx in July 2023, with the vision of growth.
Previously a Marketing executive, I was recently promoted to my current role - Client Services Lead. I have a degree in Business and Marketing, and over 4 years experience in digital marketing. 

My role at Influx involves a wide variety of responsibilities, but my main focus is improving the client experience by building relationships with our clients and working alongside them on their projects to ensure we deliver the best possible experience.

As well as this, I develop and enforce internal marketing strategies focusing on growth and building our brand. This involves a wide variety of activities such as Email marketing, prospecting, Social media marketing, copywriting and content creation. 

As many people may know, working in a startup often requires employees to “get stuck in” and not be afraid to get their hands dirty, often working on multiple projects in multiple departments at once. This is most definitely my favourite thing about working at Influx. As a young ambitious person, I enjoy constantly learning new skills and being challenged. Being trusted to research, try and test new ways of doing things is a no brainer when looking for a job, as I enjoy continuous improvement in all aspects of my life. As well as this, I find employees are always equally as ambitious and share the same motivation for growth which makes it a very enjoyable environment.

I previously worked at the fast-paced technology startup, Obodo, which doubled in size during the time I worked there, leading to them working with some huge clients! I learnt a lot of what I know now from working with a very agile team that were committed to growth and progress, and was sure I wanted to work at a startup in my next job. I also found my passion for all things design - web design, product design and content creation, which gave me the idea of staying within the design industry.

I believe that Influx has huge potential, made up of a very hard-working team, and am very excited to be part of the process! 

A comment from James, Founder: “Amelia has hit the ground running at Influx, making improvements to how we do things immediately. We share her work ethic, passion and ambition which has made her the perfect fit for Influx. I’ve personally really enjoyed seeing Amelia progress so quickly in such a short time and her infectious attitude makes the office an enjoyable place to be.”

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