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Domain Name Registration

Choosing the right domain for your business and it’s website is extremely important. It will form part of the identity you create for your brand and will be how people know you and find you online. This means that choosing and securing the right domain name should not be taken lightly. As well as ensuring that the name is fully aligned with your brand, product, or service, it is also important to consider what kind of domain to buy – .com, or one of the many new top level domains (TLDs) such as .tech or .online

When choosing the type of domain(s) to register for your business, it is also important to consider many aspects including the geographical reach of your company, the type of company, the sector you operate, your target customers and your overall brand identity.

Here at Influx Digital, we’ve got years of experience in helping companies of every shape and size to choose domain names that are a perfect fit, helping them to build and grow a powerful online presence. We are able to acquire and register a new domain name on your behalf, take over the management of existing domain names and handle the acquisition of existing domain names from third parties.

Website Hosting

Every website requires hosting. Web hosting is the technology required to store your website on a server and make it publicly accessible on the internet via your chosen domain name. The specific needs of your hosting will vary greatly depending on the nature of your website. From a technical perspective, important factors to consider will include, among others, its complexity, whether you are running an eCommerce website or a brochure site and what kind of platform it is built on. Other important considerations are the level of traffic you are expecting, what level of security is required and whether you require the server’s performance to be monitored.

Choosing the right server can be a daunting task, but here at Influx Digital we have the knowledge and expertise to know exactly which server is most suitable for your project and get it set up for you at the lowest possible cost, giving you the best possible performance for your budget. You can trust us to look after everything that is required to keep your website running securely and reliably, so that you can focus on running your business

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate helps to protect your website visitors by providing a secure connection between their computer and your server, using data encryption. A correctly set up and valid SSL certificate allows browsers to display the green padlock in the address bar, so that your visitors know they are safe and secure whilst using your site – which can help to build trust and form an important factor for your conversion rate. In addition, recent changes in the way search engines such as Google rank sites for SEO mean that secure sites now get preference in search results, making it highly important for your website’s success.

We can look after purchasing, installing, configuring and renewing the SSL certificate for your website, so that you can get on with your business knowing that everything is secure.

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What We Do

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  • Digital Marketing is all about getting the most from your website online from Google and search results, to Google Ads and pay per click advertising, creating content and making it easy for your website to convert enquiries and generate sales.

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  • For many businesses, Social Media can be the start of a conversation with a potential new client or an ongoing communication between existing clients, customer services and reviews. Powerful for B2C and can also be an important branding exercise for B2B.

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  • In modern-day marketing, the term branding means a lot more than a logo and name. Things like brand integrity and continuity are essential to building a powerful and trustworthy brand that carries gravitas on a local, national or worldwide playing field. We can support your business with all aspects of branding and design.

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