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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

It’s suggested that by 2017 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video. In this fast paced, social oriented society, video is an excellent format to get your content across in a way that people enjoy anytime they want. Video platforms reach a huge number of people. YouTube receives over 1 billion unique visitors per month, and an estimated 20 Million people in the UK alone watch at least 1 video per week. Imagine the reach that you can achieve with a good video marketing campaign.

Good video content works the same as any other medium. The focus is making your video content easy to find, and easy to share. The most important thing to consider with video marketing more than other strategies is creativity. With such a heavy focus on social networking in today’s society, the rate that a viral video can, as it says, go viral is far greater than any other marketing campaign.

With the introduction of apps such as Twitter’s & Vine’s video, successful video campaigns are no longer just for the big corporations. Gone are the days when you needed a six-figure revenue to create a viral ad for your brand.


YouTube SEO

The title and description of your videos play a vital role in both the YouTube search and “related videos” algorithms. With greater emphasis on relevancy and optimisation as well as likes and viewer retention, the more you optimise your video the greater chance you give it to succeed.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine behind Google and the partnership they have (Google being the parent company) means the YouTube videos perform very well in search. This is where your video thumbnail, title and description will be displayed.

When it comes to YouTube optimising your channel and brand can play a huge role in increasing traction with viewers watching multiple videos on the same channel and binge watching playlists like your favourite show on Netflix. Having relevant videos in playlists can reap the rewards of content created in the past by attracting views to delve deeper into your channel.


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