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Urban Fortress

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Urban Fortress is a brand new Startup preparing to enter the security product market. The company has a range of high-tech security storage solutions for homeowners. With lockups for gardens and garages, customers can keep their tools, bikes and motorcycles safe if they want to leave them outside.

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The Brief

Urban Fortress wanted to initially create a strong brand identity to show to customers, and then create a website to launch further down the line. As a new Startup, the company recognised the importance of having a compelling brand image and message to gain interest from the market and prospective customers, and it had some ideas it wanted to bring to life.

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The Process

Urban Fortress wanted to create an interesting corporate story around the company and the security products in its portfolio. The team shared its vision and message with Influx and we weaved it into the design process.

The team started by mapping out what the website would look like and what features would then be implemented to meet the needs of customers looking to protect their homes with security solutions.

The Result

Now, with a strong brand identity, Urban Fortress has been able to start preparing for its grand launch. The finishing touches are being applied, and we can share the finished project very soon.

Our thoughts on the project

"We’re excited to have been able to elevate the message around the Urban Fortress name with a strong brand we’re proud of. We're looking forward to the official launch day when the company can also go live with it’s new website."

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