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Treadsetters is a tyre wholesaler of truck and bus, passenger car, high-performance car, 4x4, van tyres and a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles. The company was established in 1999 and has grown rapidly, and now exports tyres globally through direct containers into more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Brief

Treadsetters wanted to modernise and improve the functionality of its website to meet the needs of new and existing customers. It wanted to enable online orders for customers with full automation with their stock management and SAP ERP system. It also wanted the search function to be front and centre, so immediately upon arriving at the website, customers could find the exact tire they needed.

The Process

The company chose Influx’s web design and web development services to completely revamp the design and functionality of its eCommerce website.

The team also worked with a third party to integrate Treadsetters enterprise resource planning software directly with the website. This means that the site has fully automated product listings, stock levels and orders fed directly into their systems.

The Results

Now Treadsetters has a website that has customer needs at the forefront. With the change to the functionality, customers can now get from point A to B with ease and the company has seen an increase in successful customer journeys because of this.

Our thoughts on the project

"The biggest challenge for us was the automation of the Treadsetters website. We wanted it to work as a seamless extension to the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system they already had in place, so we worked directly with a third party that specialises in the software they use. The result is a fully automated website with products and population, and a system that manages stock levels and orders directly with the website without the need for any double entry or manual work."

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