Translating the world into a 3D simulation.


CSM AI is a highly technical machine learning company. In its own words, it leverages the flexibility of human-like learning and the speed and precision of machines to enable one-shot 3D perception and manipulation of everyday objects. Its work will feed into machines with common sense that will accelerate our goals and eventually improve our lives.

The Brief

Before CSM AI could grow its team and onboard sought after machine learning engineers, it wanted an eye-catching logo and a brand style that represented the exciting work it does. Another reason for a brand overhaul is that it’s a venture-backed company, so boosting the company’s presence online to ensure it is recognised in the industry is crucial.

The Process

CSM AI chose Influx’s branding services to create a story around the brand and elevate its presence. Influx created a set of brand guidelines, with typography, colour schemes and concepts that matched CSM AI’s theme.

The logo is based on the “Necker Cube” which is an optical illusion and can be viewed in multiple orientations. It’s visually interesting and complex and goes hand in hand with the work that the company does.

The Results

Now CSM AI has a strong brand identity that it can show off on its website and across social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. The company can now go full speed ahead onboarding new team members and reaching out to find venture partners to support its mission.

What the client said

"Influx was the ideal partner to help us tell the story of our brand. The starting point for us was outlining our values and what our mission was. We wanted to find a middle ground so our logo and other materials could be visually interesting and memorable to prospects, but also high-tech to represent the complex work we’re going to be doing in AI. Influx helped us find exactly the right balance."

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