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Outreach Marketing

Reaching new customers through search engines, guest blogs, social media and more.

Outreach marketing is very much a case of “what it says on the tin”. The aim being to reach out to reliable and trusted third parties to sing the praises of your brand. In too many cases customers are dubious of a brands claim of being the best if the only claims come from the brand itself, as it’s fair to be. This strategy alleviates that by adding an external source to the mix.

Focusing on the right people within the right social channels you can create a strong brand awareness and credibility. Whether it be writing guest article for online, magazines or associated blog sites, or vice versa, bringing in outside writers and content creators to add a different perspective or creative style to your brand. It could be a simple quote promoting a product or a lengthy Q&A with a field expert, if you’re getting the right people involved, the right customers will be paying attention.

Not only does this strategy build upon your brand’s credibility it can hugely increase your online presence. The more outside sources you can work with the more places your brand can be noticed, in an ever expanding cycle. Utilising the vast expanse of experts within the online world can create long-standing partnerships between not only other brands and content creators but more importantly your customers. Consistent engagement creates a hype around your brand drawing in more people from more areas.

Through close monitoring of social and commercial channels we can help find the right areas and people to work within and with to help build on your brands visibility.

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