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On Page SEO

On Page SEO

On Page SEO revolves heavily around keywords. Simple things like a relevant URL can make a significant difference. Google has even stated that the first 3-5 words within your URL are factored in more heavily than the rest.

Just like the global market, sites that supply to the largest demand rank higher with audiences. Getting your keywords in early emphasizes the articles topic, but text can only get you so far. Don’t forget to involve your audience with relevant videos, images and diagrams. Outbound links to authority sites such as Wikipedia and various .edu and .gov domains can also help boost your pages rank with a search engine.

Ideally, a good web page should meet the following criteria:

  • Be relevant to your topic (whether this is a brand or a specific item)
  • Include the keyword in the title tag and URL as well as image alt text
  • Supply the reader with unique and well-written content about the subject or keyword
  • Link back to category, subcategory and homepages

Website Copy

Your website’s copy is effectively it’s salesman. It has a demand to meet and if it doesn’t you lose the customer. You need to grab people’s attention and keep it. Make it too simple and it’s not engaging enough, make it too complicated and people won’t read all of it. Most web users scan pages, looking for keywords and phrases. It is important to include as many of these keywords and phrases as possible while keeping your content to a high standard.

It’s all too easy to carried away writing about how well your company is doing, but the hard to swallow truth is, the customer doesn’t care. All the customer wants to know is what you can do for them. A good way to achieve gripping copy is to take on the role of your customer. Think about what they want and how they look at your site, they need to think that your copy is written just for them. Instead of bullet pointing what your company does, turn them into benefits for the customer. Always remember, write for the customers first, then focus on the SEO.

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