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Most cities become renowned for a minimum of one thing in particular. Paris is synonymous with romance and wonderful dining, New York is renowned for skyscrapers and the yellow taxicab, while London is known as the home of the Queen and red double-decker buses. Manchester, the unofficial capital of the north, is no different.


Whilst it is illustrious and globally well-known football team Manchester United might well be the first matter which comes to people’s heads when asked to think of a thing they link with the city, Manchester has created some of the world best and most influential bands ever. For music lovers, this northwestern city of about half a million people is interchangeable with wonderful bands of the past and present.


This standing could very well be one of the numerous reasons why a lot of young adults move there to study at two of the top 5 largest universities in the UK, the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.


The Buzzcocks launched the first ever separate label punk record in early 1977. The Smiths – fronted by the charismatic Morrissey – established in 1982, going on to become probably the most important indie bands of all time. Take That conquered the pop music world also, forming originally as a five-man boy band act in the early 1990 and selling nearly twenty million albums between 1991 and 1996. All this before we even start to discuss other important giants of the music world like Oasis, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Simply Red, New Order and David Gray. It would seem that there’s definitely something in the water in this spectacular city.


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