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Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO allows you to utilise specific local pages to bring in geographically-relevant traffic. Various signals, including external location, social signals and keywords are taken into account by search engines when determining when and how high to rank sites. It is important to have a specific Local SEO strategy in order to send accurate details to search engines about locations most relevant to your brand.

With a heavier percentage of internet usage coming from mobile devices, perfecting local SEO requires a little more thought. Local results are becoming increasingly unique as many mobile search engines know your location to within a few feet.


To make it work on a local scale you need to focus on a variety of strategies.

  • While keeping content to a high standard, optimise for local signals like towns or cities.
  • Create specific location pages or forms and keep them interesting and unique.
  • Create local content for blogs and social pages.
  • Target specific areas with location specific content.
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