Influencer Marketing Agency, Manchester.

Ambitious influencer marketing to grow your brand

Want to build brand recognition and drive sales? Influencer marketing is a critical tool that helps businesses do just that.

In today’s crowded marketplace, your business should have a voice that isn’t dull, corporate or something your customers have seen before.

Using influencer marketing, we can improve your brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your message forward to your target audience with platform-specific content that echoes your ethos.

We’ll be constantly monitoring and adjusting your campaigns, assessing what is working and highlighting areas of improvement to ensure that they deliver maximum effectiveness.

How it's done

Talent Sourcing

We will help you find suitable micro and macro influencers that operate across multiple platforms and social media, like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and popular publications as well. We will build a relationship with them—if we haven’t already—find out what kind of content they produce and what the outcome will be for your business when they post about you to their audience.

Total Management

We can manage everything from the initial contact, negotiate contracts and organise every part of the process from approving content to finalising posts. We will create a series of reports on the success of the project, showing you who's engaging with the campaign.

As we onboard more content creators and influencers, we will be able to build a network of talent that will help you represent your brand in new and exciting ways.


Getting to know the Influx Digital Support Package

At Influx, we have what we like to call our ‘three pillars’, design, development and digital marketing.Holding up these pillars is a team of experts in each discipline.

From our experience, clients find that it’s cheaper and easier than seeking out and hiring each person individually for each task. You only pay for exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Brands we work with

We work for ambitious brands, startups and SMEs from all over the world.

We're often asked...

Can you manage our social media accounts on our behalf?

If you are comfortable and have the resources to do this yourself, no one knows your business like you do but if you need support we're fast learners! We'll set up a content calendar where you can approve posts and tone of voice before anything is posted or you can leave it in the capable hands of our experienced social media account managers.

What kind of content can you write?

From website copy and shorter blogs to longer-form content like articles and reports. Whatever you need, we can draft it for you.

We already have staff in place, can you work with them?

Yes, we’re used to working alongside clients’ existing internal and external teams. No matter what team you already have in place, we can always work alongside them and fit in with the missing pieces your business needs.

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