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Inbound Marketing

Finding customers through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.

Inbound Marketing is the process of attracting clientele to your brand through useful, engaging and relevant content. Rather than throwing your brand into the vast consumer world and hoping to attract your target audience, you create the perfect environment and message to attract them and draw them out of the crowd.

Through searches, blogs and social publishings you can attract people to discover your brand. These visitors can become leads by utilising landing pages and calls-to-action. Leads become customers and in turn through your brand’s excellent service those customers become another channel for you to promote through and thus bringing us full circle and attracting more people.

Since 2006 inbound marketing has proved itself to be the most effective marketing method for online brands. The focus on creating content online, whether it be socially or commercially means that the people you want to attract naturally are through content creation alone. No more old school lead buying or email lists.

You can break down Inbound Marketing into 4 main steps:


The aim of inbound marketing is to attract those that are more likely to become leads. Through a mix of social and site based content you can draw in your ideal customers. Whether it be well written blogs about relevant content being found through keyword searches and incorporated SEO within articles or unique social publishings shared around your existing client base. The aim is to draw in the attention of as many of the right people as possible to maximise your conversion potential.


Now you’ve brought in the crowd it’s time to turn them into leads. In the online marketing world customer information is the most valuable resource going. In a perfect world you’d be able to gather all there is to know about your potential clients, buying habits, prefered article type, favourite colour. Realistically even with just an email address and the right approach can prove just as effective. Make sure your sites sign up process is a smooth and uncomplicated process. Make sure that external promotion or social posts (calls-to-action) link to clear and unique landing pages.


At this point the finish line is in sight. Keeping on top of these last few little steps can ensure that you’re turning those leads into customers. CRM (customer relationship management) ensures that you always have the relevant information and knowledge to effectively engage with potential clients at all times and across all of your social and commercial channels. Keeping up to date with your leads interactions through closed-loop reporting can help build the trust in your brand through tailoring emails and calls-to-action to provide relevant and interesting content.


Possibly the most important part of this whole system is keeping the creative and relevant content coming. If you can keep your customers happy and build upon their trust in your brand they’ll soon become another channel of which to advertise through.

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