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Google Shopping

Google Shopping has been around for over a decade now and is a service that lets searchers look for products and compare prices through Google Search. How advertisers use Google Shopping is based on the product, and category bidding, and NOT traditional keyword bidding.

Google Shopping is a great avenue for smaller businesses and brands to compete with big names in SERP’s where they would usually have no chance in organic listings, even relatively small budgets (set up correctly!) can have a huge benefit on not just exposure amongst your competition but also in sales and ROI.

Google Shopping campaigns can also be coupled with remarketing and more specifically dynamic remarketing to target viewers who have already been to your site and seen your products, give you a second chance to convert and a much more efficient cost per click.

Benefits of Google Shopping:

  • Compete against competitive listing both paid and organic
  • Measure cost and ROI based on sales
  • Control budgets and maximum spend
  • Can be switched on and off at any time
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