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Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery & Link Removal

Google Penalty Recovery & Link Removal

A Google Penalty is the term applying to a restriction placed on a website in order to stop it ranking highly, or possibly stop it ranking at all. These restrictions often occur when a site has taken advantage of less favourable SEO tactics which disregard Google’s quality guidelines.

There are two different Penalties which can be issued by Google, manual and algorithmic. A manual penalty is exactly as it says, issued manually by Google. If this is the case you may find that a number of your web pages may no longer appear in SERPs. An algorithmic penalty is issued when one of Google’s ‘spiders’ comes across recent SEO strategies which violate guidelines. If this is the case your sites rankings will be at a disadvantage the next time the spiders crawl it.

There are two process to reduce or alleviate the risk of these penalties being incurred. Link Removal and Link Auditing can keep your site on good terms with Google’s spiders. Link auditing is the process of checking the credibility of the backlinks on your site. This can be done using a Link Cleansing tool or manually to filter any unnatural links out of the page. Link removal requires the webmasters to be contacted to request the removal of links. Any that are not removed or from websites that cannot be contacted should be uploaded to Google’s Disavow Links tool.


What Negative Effects Can Penalties Have?

  • Your website may not be ranking well for your brand name. It’s an obvious sign when your site doesn’t rank even when searching for your brand name.
  • Any page one results are falling to lower result pages without any input from yourself.
  • Your page may not even appear within a search engine’s cached results.

The obvious downside to any of these is that your site will be receiving a severely reduced amount of traffic and brand recognition. Any link partners you have may not be as willing to swap links if your site has dropped on search engine result pages as both their links to you and your links to them will not hold as much weight as before.

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