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Email marketing is an integral part of your brands marketing toolbelt.

Email marketing is an integral part of your brands marketing toolbelt and already benefits from the knowledge of your audience. If customers are receiving your emails it means they have already show some degree of interest in your brand, this advantage can lead to higher conversion rates for your brand.

Often misinterpreted it ranges from simple confirmation emails to expansive promotions or targeted campaigns. It turns out that roughly 72% of people prefer to receive updates and information via email as opposed to other forms of communication.

Looking into it in further detail and it’s clear how often transactional emails are overlooked in the grand scheme of things. These automated emails turn up after completing a set action, whether that be creating an account or actually purchasing a product. Often, these are set up and then left to exist. Turn this process on its head and use it as another avenue to stream your brand’s creativity. These kinds of emails often have a verification link or another call-to-action so why not make it more exciting than a simple URL and use these chances to strengthen your brand’s influence.

Unlike other marketing techniques, email marketing benefits from the immediacy of the median. Where other channels may take hours to generate results, whereas results can be seen just minutes have passed after sending emails. You can use this to your advantage and create a sense of urgency in offers and calls-to-action. The quick response time also allows for easy and accurate tracking of click-through and conversion rates and lets you easily change up or extend periods of content sharing.

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