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9 Reasons Your Brand Should be Using Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a powerful and effective approach that allows brands to exploit the time-tested power of word-of-mouth advertising to reach new and receptive audiences on an unprecedented scale. So why should your brand start using Influencer Marketing now?

In the digital world, getting your message out there using the plethora of social media channels available to companies has never been easier. But conversely, in such a crowded space, getting your message heard by the right people is harder than ever. In addition, audiences are more resistant than ever before to anything they perceive as advertising. The overall result is that many brands struggle to penetrate the market.

Influencer Marketing is a powerful and effective approach that allows brands to exploit the time-tested power of word-of-mouth advertising to reach new and receptive audiences on an unprecedented scale. So why should your brand start using Influencer Marketing now? Here are nine good reasons why.


1. Everybody’s doing it

With an estimated 84% of marketers planning to use influencer marketing this year, the chances are high that your competitors are already doing it. In fact, it is estimated that brand spending on influencer marketing over the next five years will be in the region of $5 – $10 billion! And even those who are not already using this powerful channel are talking about it. It is clear that influencer marketing is not simply the latest marketing trend – it is a tried and tested approach that has been proven to work and is here to stay. The fact that so many brands are using it and seeing incredible results is reason enough to give it a go yourself.


2. It’s affordable

You do not have to be a big brand with a huge marketing budget to be able to harness the power of influencer marketing. Whilst established global brands such as Nike or Coca-Cola will invest millions on celebrity influencer marketing campaigns, there are other ways to get your brand seen that are much more affordable. One such example is micro-influencers, influencers who typically have much smaller followings but very high loyalty. The costs of working with a micro-influencer are substantially lower but are still proven to generate significant results – in fact, sometimes considerably better than their much larger counterparts because of their niche audiences.


3. It gets results

So what exactly does influencer marketing achieve? The results speak for themselves. According to the latest statistics, customers are more than twice as likely to make a purchase based on the word-of-mouth advertising generated through influencer marketing than as a result of seeing direct advertisements. In addition, the retention rate from customers acquired through influencer marketing is estimated to be as much as 37% higher than from any other source. Engagement rates from campaigns driven by micro-influencers are typically 60 percent higher, whilst micro-influencers drive 22.2 times more weekly conversations than the average consumer profile.


4. Traditional advertising is losing its impact

It has been estimated that the average individual is exposed to an incredible 5,000 advertisements a day. Although there is no scientific proof behind the numbers, the point is we are constantly bombarded with advertisements – and we have become accustomed to blocking them out. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 40% of users are now using ad-blocking software – meaning that it is essential for brands to look for other ways to reach their audiences.


5. It’s social

With traditional marketing losing its impact, social is where it’s happening. Social media not only allows brands to reach out to audiences with the right interests and lifestyles, it also allows them to engage in conversation – talking with them instead of advertising at them. Word of mouth advertising is as important today as it has ever been, and social media is where the talking takes place. Simply put, social is the single easiest way to connect with customers, and influencer marketing allows you to supercharge your strategy.


6. It’s native

One of the fundamental problems with traditional advertising is that it interrupts the user experience – which almost always triggers a defensive response which is akin to a psychological ad-blocker. With influencer marketing, on the other hand, you can place your brand or product sensitively within a natural, organic environment to create a more pleasurable experience for your customer which results in a more powerful overall message. Rather than block your message as unwanted advertising, customers are more likely to enjoy or even like your brand – meaning that the potential for conversion is significantly higher.


7. It’s measurable

Like other approaches to digital marketing, influencer marketing benefits from being highly measurable. Influencer marketing campaigns can be both targeted and tracked, with a wealth of statistical information available for analysis. Whatever the measurables that matter to you, there will be data available – website visits, impressions, social likes, engagements. There is also a wide variety of tools available to help you analyse data to help you evaluate and improve your marketing.


8. It generates engagement

When it comes to social media marketing, there is one measurable that typically matters more than any others – engagement. Ultimately, it is not about how many people see your message but how many engage with it – and influencer marketing gets engagement. Because influencer marketing allows brands to target audiences with an established interest in the product or service offered, engagement tends to be substantially higher than traditional campaigns that target the market as a whole. Micro-influencers in particular, tend to generate high levels of engagement, participating in some 20% more conversations than other users and seeing double the rate of likes compared to larger accounts.


9. It’s authentic

At the heart of customer relationships is trust, and a key factor in building trust is authenticity. One of the biggest advantages of influencer marketing is that it helps to establish your message as being authentic – especially when you work with micro-influencers. Posts from a small but respected player in a niche carry a sense of credibility and authenticity that simply doesn’t transfer to those with a huge, mass-market following. Audiences have much more trust that the content micro-influencers share is real and that what the influencer has to say is true.

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